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Watchguard Security Consulting

We Use Only the Best to Guarantee Your Security.  Watchguard Security Consulting from KC Computer Support

To ensure your small business is secure against any threat, we facilitate Watchguard’s threat management appliances and services. We can configure Watchguard’s hardware to systems of any size, and offer comprehensive protection against any threats to your IT infrastructure. We can easily apply Watchguard firewalls and security hardware to your business’ network to ensure your security through its many features:

  • Top-of-the-Line Technology.

Watchguard matches processor advances from the likes of Intel and Freescale by only using industry standard hardware. By using the best tech, we make sure that your business won’t be left behind any advances in the IT field.

  • Scalability with Progressive Hardware.

Based on the Fireware operating system, Watchguard’s modular architecture makes it flexible in pricing and comprehensive in security. We can augment your system with Watchguard’s dependable tech and software, all at a sensible price point.

  • Ensured Network Security.

We choose Watchguard’s progressive Fireware technology to protect your network in every possible way. Whether it be spyware, viruses, malicious apps, data leakage, URL filtering, APT blocking or data-loss prevention, we use the dependable and comprehensive firewall solutions to keep your network secure and online.

  • Easy to Manage Interfaces.

Instead of utilizing inconvenient management software, we use Watchguard’s policy-based management console to remotely monitor any and all security concerns you may have.

  • Award-winning User Visibility.

One of the many awards that Watchguard holds is for its Dimension visibility tool, which we can use to sift through a great amount of data to identify trends and critical events in your system as they happen, ensuring speedy prevention of and reaction to any issues with your IT infrastructure.

To configure your systems for protection with high quality products such as Watchguard, contact KC Computer Support today at {number} or today for more information.


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