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The Cloud

Ready to leverage the full power of the cloud?  The choices can be overwhelming, but know at KC Computer Support we’re here to meet and exceed all your business needs!

Cloud services offer a variety of ways for businesses to streamline operations, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.  Our team of professionals have the expertise and knowledge necessary to implement the right solutions aligning with your business needs and goals.  We understand it’s important for your day-to-day operations to have a reliable IT partner that works with you to continuously adapt to new challenges providing top notch service and support to keep you ahead of the game.

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Our proactive approach is designed to provide your business with a variety of benefits tailored specifically to your business needs ensuring that you get the best return on your investment in the cloud.  We ensue that you fully understand the solutions we provide, so you get the most from our services and support.

Cloud services and solutions we offer include:

  • Office 365 Services – Get the power, protection and mobility your business has been longing for. We’ll help you leverage the full power of Office to streamline tasks, make collaboration easier and ensure your sensitive data always has the protection it needs.
  • Office 365 Migrations – provide a more mobile, more reliable and more secure product suite improving your bottom line. Improve your mobile workforce and productivity with access to tools and business data anywhere you have an internet connection knowing it’s safe and secure.
  • SharePoint Services – Improve collaboration and streamline work processes with innovative file-sharing tools and services that provide secure remote access to business data on the go. User authentication, automatic backups and strong encryption provide you peace of mind knowing your data is protected.
  • Google Apps Support – Our Google Apps experts know the benefits provided with Google Apps an ensure you get the right information to understand how to gain a host of benefits that help you implement positive changes throughout your workforce.

Don’t wait any longer and give us a call at (913) 541-0001 or send a message over to for all your IT service needs in Kansas City.  We’re here to help you now!

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