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Restaurant IT Services

Keep your Restaurant Running Smoothly with Reliable Computer Support

In the high-paced work environment of a restaurant, every minute matters. Even minor issues with your computers — whether back office work stations or terminals used by serving staff — can cause inconvenient and costly downtime. We can help ensure your business’ computer systems stay reliable and operational with our proactive managed IT services, which offer a variety of features that can be scaled up or down to fit your needs:

Convenience through Cloud Computing.

Your restaurant can benefit in many ways by adopting Cloud Computing practices. By remotely storing your system’s information, the Cloud adds a failsafe back-up of data that is regularly updated, and gives you mobile and remote access to the system. This makes it easier to access your information on the go and from home, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a back up copy of your system is available in case of any on-site emergency that could compromise your systems.

Server and Desktop Monitoring.

We track and analyze server activity minute by minute, and can investigate any issues right when they occur. We prioritize remote resolution, working to fix the problem from our location, and only escalate to on-site maintenance if deemed absolutely necessary. In order to keep your employees working productively, we monitor terminals and desktop systems proactively to prevent any issue that would keep a user from getting their work done. We can address anything from spyware to viruses from a remote location without interrupting those using the workstation.

Mobile Device Management.

To further increase the convenience of your work, we can help configure any mobile device for secure access to your organization’s data with our Mobile Device Management solution, which is particularly useful for restaurants that employ modern tablet menus.

Network and Security Assessments.

To ensure that your business’ network is healthy and secure, we regularly conduct assessments and generate reports on the state of the system. These keep you up-to-date on any concerns that many not be covered by our managed IT services, at which point we can facilitate the process of addressing those concerns.

One fixed monthly fee.

Instead of having your dinner rush interrupted by downtime and then hiring costly technicians to fix the problem later, we offer comprehensive services at one simple and easy to budget rate. We monitor your entire system 24/7 to address any issues as they may arise, helping to minimize downtime and make the most of the system you have in place.

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