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On-site Computer Support Services

The cloud may be the hottest trend in IT right now, and off-site services do indeed offer many benefits, but don’t forget about what equipment and IT staff located in your office can do for you.

Our on-site services will boost productivity, limit downtime, and cut costs on maintenance.

  • Large-scale upgrades: when introducing large-scale hardware upgrades to your office, you’ll want to use a professional to set everything up right to get the most production out of your investment in new hardware
  • Moving to a new office: moving to a different venue is enough of a hassle without having to worry about transporting and re-installing your entire IT infrastructure as well. Let us take of transitioning your tech equipment so you can focus on all the other juggling required to move to a new office
  • Supplement staffing: it takes a lot of time to hire a new employee. You’ll have to advertise the open position, sort out which applicants are qualified, and then finally interview the best candidates to find the best fit. If the prospect you choose ends up not working out, you’ll have to go through the hiring and training process all over again. We maintain a network of experienced IT professionals ready to supplement your staff, and our flat rate pricing is more affordable than the salary you’d pay to an employee you recruited yourself
  • Emergency dispatch: downtime is doubly expensive: there’s the expense of fixing broken hardware, and then there’s the expense of all the paid work hours you’re wasting while systems are down. KC Computer Support is always prepared to come in and limit the damage of a disaster event
  • Customizable service plans: different businesses in different industries have different needs. We’re collaborate with our clients and work out long-term , customized solutions that meet all of their IT needs and make sense for their budget

We know how to maintain your on-site equipment and keep it reliable, so you experience less downtime and your employees always have the tools they need to get their work done.

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