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Missouri Enterprise Looks to KC Computer Support to Help Bring Service to Their Small Town Coverage Area & Be Their Strategic Partner

When a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Missouri’s small businesses succeed – Missouri Enterprise -, needed help of its own in successfully downsizing and receiving service to its small town location, KC Computer Support was able to help them achieve their goals, and provide them with the strategic partnership they were looking for.

There are some startups who are cutting prices to the bare bones trying to win business, but the rule is that you get what you pay for, right? Of course, it can be tempting to jump on the cheapest company you can find and hope you’ve got good luck, when quality isn’t necessarily guaranteed with a higher cost – however, this can bring a client face to face with sever challenges.

The Situation: A Need for A Strategic Partner With Good Coverage to Help Them Readjust!

Brenda Story, Director of Information Technology at Missouri Enterprise explains their situation, saying at first, “My comments are from a small town perspective AND a non-profit.”, but continues: “When we were looking for someone to help us after downsizing, we weren’t looking at pricing as much as we were looking for a company to provide service to our coverage areas, especially Rolla. We were also looking for a strategic partner. You can get IT service from lots of companies, but it’s the strategic partnership I was looking for.”

The Solution: A Rebuilt Network & Personal Service That Works Best for Their Business!

KC Computer Support has a true solution – and that is to prevent problems, not just fix them. They were able to setup and maintain Missouri Enterprise’s network, as well put together ‘the total solution’.

Story comments on the benefit of putting Missouri Enterprise’s IT environment into the hands of KC Computer Support, saying, “I think one of the expectations that you set early on was the prioritization of helpdesk calls/emails. It’s the personal attention to detail… Like getting to know Joe. I bet if you ask everyone here at Missouri Enterprise, they could tell you the first name of the tech that worked with them.”

The Outcome: Attention to Detail & Outstanding Service to Allow Constant Improvement!

Since signing on with KC Computer Support, Missouri Enterprise has seen significant benefits. Story expresses appreciation on behalf of the company, happy to say that “KC Computer Support stays up on technology. They are constantly trying new things, they treat me like I’m their only customer, they don’t mind owning up to mistakes, they treat me like I’m an expert when I’m not, they ALWAYS deliver, they are constantly improving their own processes, they listen and respond with reality – even if it’s not want I want to hear, and they are truly customer focused – not bottom line focused.”

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