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Email Encryption Solutions

Keep Your Sensitive Data Secure with Email Encryption

There’s no doubt that the cloud is convenient: it frees your employees from the office and allows them to access their tech tools and business data from wherever they can find an internet connection. More availability allows your workforce to complete more tasks, finish projects faster, and, ultimately, produce more revenue.

But this convenience can come at the cost of compromising security if you’re not careful. When you’re using unsecured public Wi-Fi anyone else could be using it as well, maybe even someone who knows how to turn that shared connection into a golden opportunity by sneaking onto your network and taking everything valuable they can find.

Who knows what kind of information cybercriminals might be able to find by sifting through your emails?

Lose other people’s sensitive information this way and you’ll earn a reputation for being unreliable and miss out on potential new clients and partners, who don’t want to trust their sensitive data to a network that’s known to be vulnerable. No amount of extra security measures after the fact will erase the memory of a security breach. Worse yet, lose enough data and you might even be hit with a class-action lawsuit.

KC Computer Support will encrypt all of your email communications, so your sensitive data stays secure and your reputation remains intact.

Comply with the Regulations that Apply to Your Industry

Every business should be worried about security breaches, but it’s more of a threat to some industries than others.

That’s because, in addition to the potential for a class-action lawsuit, businesses in these industries face regulatory fines for lax security protocols and actual attacks. For example, healthcare organizations can be fined up to $1.5 million for every security provision of HIPAA they violate.

We’ll use email encryption, among other techniques, to keep you compliant and save you from huge fines.

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