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Protect your Company’s Systems with Flat Rate Data Backups

Data Backup and Data Protection For Businesses and Computer Users In Kansas City

Disaster can strike at any time, costing your small business in expensive downtime and often irreparable data loss. Whether it’s a flood or fire, an assured way to guarantee your data’s safety is to regularly back it up to off-site, secure servers that can be accessed at anytime to restore your losses. While many IT support companies may charge you a rate for how much data you need backed up, we are proud to be one of the only to offer flat rate cloud backup. Learn more about our inexpensive solution to keep your data safe:

  • World-Class Service.

To protect your systems in case of emergency, we trust Crashplan Pro, which regularly backs up and protects your sensitive information. Crashplan Pro is globally recognized for its high quality service, and we can easily configure your systems with it to routinely update any stored data in a safe off-site location.

  • Peace of Mind.

Not only do backups protect your business against unforeseen disaster, but they further protect the information from dangerous third parties. With Crashplan Pro, we secure your data in a Cloud that best meets your business needs, whether that be in your data centre, a private cloud, or a hybrid cloud so as to get the best of both options. Furthermore, we keep your data encrypted at all points in the backup transition to protect against those attempting to compromise it during the process.

  • No Matter The Amount of Data: One Flat Rate.  

We are one of the few IT support companies to save you the cost and trouble of a data rate for backups. Whether you’re backing up two terabytes or just two gigabytes, it will only cost you one convenient and easy-to-budget monthly rate.

Ensure your business has a fail safe for any emergency by backing up your data in the Cloud! Contact KC Computer Support today at (913) 541-0001 or for more information. 

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