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Why Choose Us For Your KC Computer Support

At KC Computer Support, we believe in strong, clear values to help maintain an ideal relationship with each and every one of our clients.

By focusing on the following ideals, we offer you the best possible technology services:

  • Proactivity.

Many tech support companies operate on a break/fix model: issues are addressed after they occur, often with delay, and require that you pay for costly billable hours on top of the downtime that the original issue caused. By approaching your IT maintenance proactively, we regularly update and asses your systems through round-the-clock remote monitoring. That way we can often address and resolve issues before they even affect your small business’ productivity.

  • Knowledge.

We are more than capable of meeting all your tech support needs. Our services have been recognized by Angie’s List for the Super Service Award four times, and have further been proclaimed a Small Business Success by Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser in 2011. On our small, efficient staff we employ three certified Microsoft Small Business Specialists, and run extensive background checks and training for all members of our company.

  • Convenience.

We want to be the one-stop shop for all your technology inquiries. While we offer comprehensive services from installation to maintenance, we can also advise you in any and all decisions that may involve your computer set up. Whether it’s an inquiry about the latest beta version of an operating system, or just a question about which smartphone you should get to best interact with your desktop computer, we are available to help make the decision easier.

  • Innovation.

Both in our knowledge of cutting-edge trends and in the way we do business, we strive for innovative practices so as to better serve you. We remain up to date with the latest and greatest technology available to you, such as Cloud computing, which has much to offer home and small businesses. Furthermore, we seize every opportunity to offer a better service to our clients, even when that means ignoring the industry standard. For example, whereas most tech support companies charge a data rate fee for backups, we will backup any amount of your data for one, simple flat rate each month.

  • Preparation.

The reality is that even the best IT monitoring and support can be overcome in an emergency, which is why we offer further solutions to prepare your home or small business for the worst. Floods, fires and other disasters can compromise your physical, on-site hardware, which is where Cloud computing comes in. By regularly backing up your data to remote, secure servers and virtualization on the Cloud, a failsafe copy of your system is always available to help you avoid data loss.

  • Accesible Solutions.

During the resolution process — whether done remotely or through an on-site visit from one of our technicians — we will refrain from using any nonsensical tech jargon that would keep you from understanding how we are addressing the problem. We strive to communicate honestly and easily with all our clients to help keep us both on the same page, which we recognize as a crucial part of any strong business relationship.

Take advantage of the best tech support available to you! To learn more about how you can benefit from our services, contact KC Computer Support today at (913) 541-0001 or

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