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CDL Electric Company, Inc. Turns to KC Computer Support to Keep Them Connected & Up-To-Date

Even when looking for minor updates and help, CDL Electric Company, Inc. knew it was best to go to the IT experts – aware of the fact that it is too easy to get yourself into IT trouble without the full, proper knowledge. To minimize downtime and costs, CDL Electric Company, Inc. turned to KC Computer Support. With innovative solutions and responsive support put into place, CDL Electric Company, Inc. was able to focus on achieving their business goals.

In today’s world, technology and the internet are almost mandatory for a business to survive. It is vital that these businesses have the proper IT support to turn to. Ill fitting technologies and lack of support leaves a business facing significant challenges that could hinder its success.

The Situation: The Need For An Expert IT Support Team To Get Them Up-To-Date & Keep Them Connected!

Experiencing the need for IT updates, as well as innovative IT solutions to keep them ahead of the game, CDL Electric Company, Inc. was looking for an IT partner that they could trust. Hugo Flores, IT Director at CDL Electric Company, Inc. explains how crucial technology is to the company, “CDL Electric offers a wide array of services. Electrical, HVAC, Security, Sirens, Plumbing, Signs and Rail services. . . Technology helps us stay in contact and interconnected with our over 250 employees stationed throughout the US. “

The Solution: Innovative Updates & Efficient Support For A Reliable, Productive IT Environment!

Flores remarks, “With IT Services sometimes it’s best to call someone with expertise and keep yourself out of trouble when trying to fix network issues”. Through following their own words of advice, CDL Electric Company, Inc. found KC Computer Support.

KC Computer Support was able to come in and explain everything to CDL Electric Company, Inc. in order to make the updates needed for their success. KC Computer Support has completed a server upgrade, as well as virtualized a physical server. “We haven’t needed many other services but in the event that we did we would definitely go back as they did a very good job.” says Flores, then adds, “No downtime definitely saved up quite a lot of money

The Outcome: Friendly, Knowledgeable Support & Reliable, Cost-Effective Technologies That Work Best For Their Company!

Since working with KC Computer Support, CDL Electric Company, Inc. has benefitted greatly from innovative support, an up-to-date server, as well as the peace of mind that comes with a reliable IT partner.

Flores expresses appreciation on behalf of the company, saying, “We have many vendors and partners – but KC Computer Support has by far been some of the most friendly and knowledgeable people we’ve come across.”

“I would recommend KC Computer Support to any colleague. The staff will work with you and be professional throughout the entire process.” Flores beams.

KC Computer Support can help you reach IT solutions for success! To discover how, call us at (913) 541-0001 or send us an email:

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