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Advantaclean Trusts KC Computer Support to Store Important Files for Their Customers

Founded in 1994 in Winter Park Florida, Advantaclean offers service essentials such as emergency water removal, mold removal, and air duct cleaning with over 120 offices nationwide. Advantaclean franchise owner Jeff Tyson discusses how KC Computer Support helped them to move from an on-premises file storage system to Soonr Workplace Pro cloud file storage, a solution that has substantially increased their overall efficiency.

KC Computer Support

Advantaclean is a national leader in light environmental services offering a wide variety of solutions ranging from mold inspection and remediation, to tower coil cleaning for both commercial and residential sites, in addition to specializing in emergency loss mitigation services and structural repairs to homes and building alike.

The Situation

Jeff Tyson was in need of an experienced, reliable, and cost effective IT support team to help setup a cloud storage for large files of customer information, photo’s, and documents. KC Computer Support provides comprehensive IT support services to help businesses reduce their administrative time, and allow them to focus their attention on both their business and their clients.

Jeff explained: “I met Tom in my networking group, otherwise I’m not sure I would have met him or used the product. I was attracted to KC Computer Support due to the fact of what they had is what we need and the price was reasonable based upon the value it provided.”

The Solution

KC Computer Support utilized Soonr Workplace Pro to help them store everything from client proposals to documentation to photos. This allowed their technicians in the field to have the ability to take photos while on location from their smartphones or tablets, and save them directly into the client folder in Soonr Workplace Pro. Now office staff is able to view photos within minutes, which has considerably increased their overall efficiency.

Taking advantage of the experts at KC Computer Support has delivered Advantaclean owner Jeff Tyson a viable means to achieve the level of success they were striving for in a practical, cost efficient, and easy to use manner.

Jeff went on to highlight how this new system has saved him both time and money: “This allows me time to work on my business rather than in my business”

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