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Month: July 2017

To say that cyberattacks are dangerous to the health and success of a small business is something of an understatement. According to one study, an incredible 60% of all small businesses close their doors within just six months of a successful cyberattack taking place. The attack itself can cause an initial shock, but the consequences of […]

You spend a lot of time commuting—Don’t let this time go to waste! Skype and BMW want to help you be more productive while driving.   How much time do you spend behind the wheel each year? If you’re like the average American, you drive an incredible 290 hours annually! This is almost seven, 40-hour work weeks! […]

The Presidents have a lot of lessons to teach about PR and branding. Here are some of our favorite historical examples. U.S. Presidents have been managing their own brands long before the internet, or Twitter, or even the concept of marketing your brand existed. And dealing with the issues of an entire country can often […]

LinkedIn can be a powerful engagement and SEO tool — if you use it correctly. For B2B companies and growing businesses looking to expand their reach, LinkedIn is an often-underutilized platform: It’s not just about networking – it has tremendous brand-building potential. When making more complex decisions about purchasing products and services, buyers turn to […]

Living in rural American often means lack of Internet access. Is it possible to get broadband in the country? What’s happening to fix the rural-urban digital divide?   Currently, 34 million Americans don’t have access to broadband. If you’re used to lightning-fast speeds and quick downloads, it may be impossible to even imagine living without […]

Boutique corporate outsourcing is on the rise: Here’s why that’s great news for small local companies. There’s an important, growing trend in the outsourcing industry: A move toward outsourcing locally by partnering with local firms that are specifically looking to support small and expanding businesses in the same community. This tends to make people feel […]

Pitching your accounting firm to clients doesn’t have to be boring. You can radically adjust your accounting firm’s image through new cloud-based technologies. Let’s face it: it’s difficult to make an accounting firm exciting. At best you can usually hope for “stable and trustworthy.” But when differentiating yourself from the competition, you really want a […]

There are three types of technologies that every business needs if they want to transform, grow, and achieve new levels of success.   Technology has been at the forefront of business development for decades. However, as technology has begun to advance more rapidly, so too has the need for nearly instantaneous business transformations. Across the […]

Technology is changing the way businesses operate and connect with prospects; how will innovation change your business?   The self-driving, ride-sharing car, robots that replace humans when it comes to not only manual labor but the inputting and processing of data and even the ability to build an entire home in 24 hours or less using 3D printing. These […]

Predictive analytics can be used across enterprises to achieve a higher level of business success. Predictive analytics are drastically altering the way that business is conducted. Organizations are using predictive analytics to make more insightful strategic decisions, measure human capital, and quantify growth decisions. In fact, when predictive analytics are incorporated into daily operations, businesses […]

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