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Month: October 2016

Asking your satisfied customers to review your business on Google My Business makes extra-good business sense. Especially since roughly 90 percent of potential customers of all kinds of goods and services do online research prior to engaging with a given company. And while it’s not realistic for every business to be able to exact a […]

If you’re not already feeling the heat of compliance-regulatory scrutiny, there’s another cybersecurity-related acronym that just joined the list. Add to PCI, SOX, GLB, and HIPAA the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Those of you outside of the EU may be scratching your heads at that and saying, “Well, that doesn’t apply […]

There are many reasons business owners are feeling the pull to migrate to cloud solutions as an answer to their data protection and storage challenges. Many feel that on-premise file servers are an outmoded technology compared to the burgeoning presence of cloud storage and other services which entice with their ease of use and access. […]

As the top-rated business email client in the land by 2016 estimates, Outlook runs on approximately half a billion devices, or half the Microsoft Office Suite users. If you’re in the mood for something fun and different when it comes to Microsoft Outlook plugins, we’ve found 5 that are fun, practical, and will boost your […]

With so many threats to look out for, some business owners make the mistake of thinking that a simple security tactic such as your password is ineffective – but that’s not true. Your password is your first line of defence, keeping hackers and other intruders from accessing devices, resources, and applications that could seriously compromise […]

June 2016 — This time, it was the University of Calgary – a sign that ransomware attackers are increasingly choosing academic institutions as a favorite victim. IT Specialist is calling it a “successful attack,” and certainly it was successful for the ransomware-ists on multiple levels. The University, in acceding to the demands of data-rustling scum […]

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