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Month: June 2016

Those disclaimers that many people attach to their emails serve only to annoy email recipients and detract from messages. Once used mostly by lawyers and financial institutions, email disclaimers are now ubiquitous. What’s Wrong With Email Disclaimers? They are wordy, and no one pays attention to them; in addition, most people find them distracting, annoying, […]

Is Ransomware Hiding in Your Inbox? Phishing campaigns are up 789% since the last quarter of 2015, due to a jump in statistical data that shows a 6.3 million increase in raw numbers. What’s worse, industry experts have reported that 93% of phishing emails contain ransomware. In a recent review of malware, three key trends […]

Owners and managers of small- to mid-size accounting firms often feel as though they are at a competitive disadvantage with their larger counterparts. Though you can swing the balance of power in your favor by recruiting “rainmakers” and cutting costs to a certain degree, the best course of action is to tap into contemporary technological […]

The benefits a company accrues from outsourcing IT are many and include: Lower hardware costs Lower software costs Lower labor costs Allows companies to focus on core business areas Reduces risks Provides 24/7/365 coverage That said, there are pitfalls businesses need to be aware of before starting to outsource IT. This includes: Project Management – […]

One of the biggest reasons to hire an IT services provider, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses, is that you get the best of everything in IT without having to pay full price for it. What that really means is that you can focus on growing your company without sacrificing budget and labor to keep […]

Sometimes, for good or ill, life can imitate art. Take, for example, the gory “Saw” movie franchise starring “Jigsaw.” It is, of course, a stretch to consider these horror films “art.” But the developers of the new Jigsaw Ransomware apparently adopted the character’s name and modus operandi because the malware gradually “dismembers” victims’ files until […]

The $26 billion dollar purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft should be viewed as more of an indication of Microsoft’s new direction than as any change to the LinkedIn system. Hopefully, this is the case, because while Microsoft has been, at best, a volatile performer since its heyday of the 1990s, LinkedIn has steadily increased its […]

There’s more to business continuity planning and execution than cashing the insurance check after a fire or flood. Most business insurance won’t cover the intangibles. In the case of a serious data loss or breach, money will not restore years of irreplaceable company data. How disasters affect the business If you don’t want to be […]

Latest Changes Leave Industry Scrambling For Position in the Search Engine Rankings If you are a business owner who uses technology as part of your digital marketing strategy—and in this day and age, what business doesn’t—you’ve probably noticed that Google has made some pretty substantial changes to its algorithm and search quality parameters over the […]

The pace of technology advancements makes it tough for savvy business owners to remain abreast of all the shifts and changes within the industry. Even with an internal IT team, it’s likely that you and your team find it challenging to keep your systems updated, mitigate threats, and continuously monitor your system. Like you, many […]

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